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In an effort to keep Planet Waves readers up to date on the news, for the past two years we've been offering the Political Waves list. The list features news articles from major media outlets, alternative press and political blogs, selected by Jude. She also provides insightful, witty, on-point and generally excellent commentary that keeps me laughing and awake.

Jude is our one-woman News [junkie] Department, but there's a lot of "chatter" behind the scenes, a little news cult that anyone can join by writing to one of us, and some dedicated readers and Planet Wavers keep things popping. Many of the best posts are sent in from the reading audience, so please keep an eye on things and let us know if anything looks interesting.

Personally, I find Political Waves is the most accessible news source I read every day. There's just enough of the right information, it's a bit more radical than truthout.org, and the list comes with the ever-elusive SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE ON THE NEWS. That's the amazing part, really.

You can read the list online here, or you can subscribe and have the mailings sent by email. We send about 5 articles per day, in five or so posts. The materials will be carefully selected but they will not be fact-checked by Planet Waves editors, but we do keep an eye on things and choose from wholesome sources.

For questions about this list, contact Jude at moderator@planetwaves.net. Pursuant to federal copyright statutes, all articles are distributed without profit to people who express a prior interest only.

Photo above right is a French riot cop during a happier moment than now. This was taken last spring at the Bastille protest against budget cuts to education.

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