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Dear Friend and Reader:

Welcome to our 2008 cover photo gallery.

Over the past two years that Planet Waves has been posting daily photos, one meaningful thing has changed -- I'm no longer the only photographer. Well, I never really was -- we have had some beautiful occasional contributions -- but most days I would contribute the cover photo.

But art breeds art and artists, and we've now been joined by a photo team, who I would like to introduce. Danielle Voirin in Paris is our photo editor, who both contributes artwork and coordinates the contributions of other photographers. Dani works in a wide diversity of styles and has studied in Paris and Chicago.

Paloma Todd in Barcelona, Spain contributes her own work and is also photo editor of our special projects. These include our annual edition, the children's gallery, the Book of Blue series of photos in our Eros area, and many other forthcoming projects. Paloma is our resident photography historian, at one time a university professor in Chicago, and is familiar with the history of engraving and photographic imaging from the first days.

Drexcel Najarian of Fresno, California is our associate photo editor. She contributes cover pictures, coordinates photography in the Inner Space horoscope's new edition for subscribers, as well as handling special assignments.

We have beautiful contributions from Priya Kale and Deirdre Tanton, who are also designers of the Planet Waves site. Roy Gumpel, also a contributing photographer for Chronogram in New York's Hudson Valley, has recently joined our photo team.

Comments about photographs can go to Danielle or to me. We welcome submissions from all readers, and offers to model from adults 18 years of age or older.

Thanks for tuning in!

Yours & truly,

Sedona, Arizona
April 1, 2007

All photos copyright © Eric Francis. All rights reserved.
La Sorbonne, the University of Paris. Photo by Eric Francis. 

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