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Hello & Welcome

This is the Planet Waves cover gallery. It's a collection of photos that have appeared on our cover this year, as well as alternates and ideas. A wide diversity of photographers have contributed, and you are welcome to submit your pictures if you'd like to be considered. Contributions can follow the approximate theme of the current astrology - or not.

Thank you!

All the usual copyright stuff applies, including the whole gallery being copyright 2006 by Planet Waves Digital Media, noting that the photographer expressly retains all rights to her or his own work, and other copyrights may apply.

You can reach me at
this address if you'd like to write.

Thanks --
Eric Francis

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All photos copyright © Eric Francis. All rights reserved.
Models depicted in this gallery are professionals. Most work for themselves (rather than for an agency). All were well over the age of 18 when photographed, and have given their expressed written consent to be depicted on Planet Waves. Anyone 18+ who would like to model, whether in Europe or North America, may contact us at the email address below.