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Planet Waves is saddened to note the passing of MAYA DEL MAR (1928-2006), astrologer and editor of Daykeeper Journal. Maya, as you will see from her face, was a compassionate, straightforward and no-nonsense astrologer. She was perhaps the best among us at keeping astrology out of the realm of superstition and placing it squarely in the realm of a practical tool for surviving and thriving. Among her many contributions to astrology was her acknowledgement of the Galactic Core as a necessary and useful point to work with, and it is perhaps appropriate that she chose to depart as the Sun is approaching the Core, in this season of Sagittarius, the season of so many roads. To read more about Maya's life and unexpected passing, please visit her homepage, which is currently being updated by her daughters Susan and Crystal. Further contact information is on the Web site. -- Eric Francis