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Thursday, November 16, 2006 | Moon enters Libra. Sun trines Bienor. Chiron squares Huya. Venus squares Orcus. Once again a reminder to keep your discernment as we are heading into Mars square Neptune. This is also an image of pushing the imagination and taking some unusual risks -- just try to make them ones your life does not depend on, or if they are, that you're willing. The Sun is close to its square to Saturn today: the very image of discipline and focus. The two are forming an interesting mix of energies, something a little like working hard and playing hard. I would say work smart and play smart.

I'm going to keep this a short entry today, as I'm involved in a pretty exciting piece of writing -- my first article on Planet Waves about the Celtic Wings tarot spread I developed some years ago. The article, which introduces the spread and an approach to the tarot, comes with a custom tarot generator. This is just one of many features included in our email edition for subscribers. To subscribe, you can click the yellow tab at the top of the page -- and if you don't have the cash these days, you can request a comp subscription from Chelsea at -- a comp is the exact same thing as a paid subscription, only we don't bill you or charge a credit card. At whatever point you are able to pay, you may. Comp subscribers can help by having fun and spreading the word.

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==Archive quote edited by Tracy Sullivan

"Water relates to the unconscious, the emotions and the inner experience of well-being and security -- or the lack thereof. It is the intuitive sense, and the psychic sense. All astrologers study the attributes of water as human energy in their work, though the signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The Astrology Encyclopedia by James R. Lewis gives an overview of these attributes. "The emotional sensitivity of the water element shows itself somewhat differently in each of the signs of the water triplicity. Cancer's watery nature typically manifests as feelings about home, security, and family. Scorpio's emerges as strong feelings about sex, death and occult mysteries. Pisces' watery nature appears as mysticism, sensitivity to music, and impressionability."

-- Eric Francis, Planet Waves Weekly, Friday, Oct. 14, 2005