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The week's astrology | Monday, Nov. 13, '006

Dear Readers:

Another interesting week arrives...I hope it's working out that way for you. The intensity of five planets in Scorpio, one of them retrograde (Mercury), is a lot for most people to bear. Scorpio remains one of the more mysterious energies of the zodiac, addressing as it does the mysteries of birth, death and existence. Because of this bottom line quality of Scorpio, it tends toward control dramas, if creative energy is not applied consciously. Scorpio is always deeply liberating -- when we allow it to be so.

Today some of the pressure comes off as Mercury tries Uranus, suggesting an innovative, left-handed, inverted way of solving a problem or expressing an idea. This is a fine example of the astrology indicating something productive happening in an odd way, but to be on the winning side of this you either need to go for the win-win, or make sure you are the one putting the astrology to work for you, rather than taking a passive role. Putting it to work starts with awareness and having a feel for the energy, which I'll do my best to explain here.

Retrograde Mercury is drawing near to its station-direct, which occurs Saturday morning in most time zones, with Mercury at 9 degrees and 3 minutes of Scorpio. Today's trine of Mercury and Pisces is going to hold still for about 10 days, as Mercury slows to a stop within two degrees of exact trine to Uranus. The five or so days on either side of Mercury stationing (whether direct or retrograde) are sometimes called the Mercury storm because that's the phase of maximum turbulence and confusion.

But the operative point is, this time around, Mercury is doing all of its storming in aspect to Uranus, which is more like opening the gate to inspiration, thought, reason, and whatever we choose to access with the energy.

Of note, this is also the week that planets begin to transit into Sagittarius. Today there are five planets in Scorpio (Mercury, Mars, Sun, Jupiter and Venus) and by this time three weeks from now, they will all have joined Pluto in Sagg. The first if these, Venus, moves into Sagg just as Mercury stations, but not before an unusual triple conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Centaur planet Hylonome in late Scorpio.

On the personal level, Hylonome counsels against being a martyr. On the collective level, it represents "the cry of the people," and with Venus and Jupiter joining to play guardian angel, we have some assurance of freedom and safety in all the realms of Scorpio, from deep emotions to commitment to erotic expression. There is also the possibility for some rather daring forays into the unknown (Mars is working toward a square to Neptune later in the week, which is creative, dangerous, liberating and confusing) and Saturn is working toward a square to the Sun, which is about having the focus to get important stuff done.

Those who are sexually active may have noticed the unusual in-pouring of energy these days, which is not exactly what you would call a surface current: this is deep stuff, not lending itself well to words.

That being said, I am writing daily horoscopes again this week, covering this astrology day by day for all 12 signs. If you like these horoscopes and find them helpful, I invite you to subscribe to Planet Waves Weekly, where you can read my Sun-sign horoscopes twice a week. The horoscopes arrive with lots of excellent astrological and other information. Sample issues are located at the "Weekly Magazine" tab, above.

Here are some of the highlights of the week's astrology.

Thanks for dropping by...


Week of 13th-17th November 2006
(all times are stated in Universal Time, which is the same as Greenwich Mean time or London time)

Monday 13th November 2006 (UT)

00:19:29 UT - Venus (24 sc 34'34") square Saturn (24 le 34'34")
13:18:33 UT - Moon enters Virgo
13:41:32 UT - Mercury (10 sc 57'27" Rx) quintile Orcus (28 le 57'27")
17:26:13 UT - Mercury (10 sc 49'39" Rx) trine Uranus (10 pi 49'39" Rx)

Tuesday 14th November 2006 (UT)

00:30:54 UT - Mars (14 sc 32' 2") quincunx Asbolus (14 ar 32' 2" Rx)
09:39:53 UT - Sun (21 sc 52'18") quintile Nessus (3 aq 52'18")

Wednesday 15th November 2006 (UT)

08:49:40 UT - Venus (27 sc 31'51") conjunct Hylonome (27 sc 31'51")
14:20:11 UT - Sun (23 sc 4'30") quintile Chiron (5 aq 4'30")
20:35:10 UT - Venus (28 sc 8'45") conjunct Jupiter (28 sc 8'45")

Thursday 16th November 2006 (UT)

02:14:20 UT - Moon enters Libra
04:25:03 UT - Mars (16 sc 1'33") semisquare M87 (1 li 1'34")
12:23:06 UT - Venus (28 sc 58'20") square Orcus (28 le 58'20")
18:59:13 UT - Sun (24 sc 16'41") trine Bienor (24 pi 16'41" Rx)  

Friday 17th November 2006 (UT)

05:58:17 UT - Sun (24 sc 44'22") square Saturn (24 le 44'22")
08:02:09 UT - Venus enters Sagittarius (direct)
14:12:54 UT - Elatus stations retrograde (11 le 28'26")
19:00:09 UT - Mars (17 sc 8'14") square Neptune (17 aq 8'14")
22:28:20 UT - Sun (25 sc 25'58") semisextile Pluto (25 sa 25'58")