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Wednesday, November 1 | Venus trines Uranus, and the Moon in Pisces is now sweeping through the water signs, where there is plenty going on and has been for days. It's within 24 hours of picking up the Mercury rx-Jupiter conjunction (still exact to one degree for most of the day) as well as squaring Pluto and conjoining the North Node (in one gesture), and makes few major aspects prior to that. All the big aspects are closest tomorrow, but the vibes are around us now.

Meantime, not only Venus but the Sun and Mars are also about to make trines to Uranus.

However, what we need to be keeping our eyes on is a complex pattern approaching on Nov. 7 (the date of a crucial election in the United States) wherein Mercury rx and Venus form an exact conjunction in mid-Scorpio, square Neptune in Aquarius. This aspects reeks of a variety of things, unfortunately few of them smelling of roses, despite the often helpful nature of the planets involved.

Many events and developments of recent weeks will reach a culmination with this astrology, speaking on the personal level. But on the collective level, we have a serious warning about election fraud. Mercury is always prominent in the charts of events surrounding the government hijacking underway in the United States the past five to seven years, but this one is particularly troubling, suggesting that not only election fraud, but fraud on the level of what is important to people (Venus + Neptune interaction) and how it is presented (Mercury) will rise to the surface, if anyone bothers to recognize it.

Things have gone pretty far without the majority of people noticing they have been ripped off, or caring enough to do something about it. Presently I see no reason why developments should not go a hell of a lot further before the anesthesia wears off. I don't mean to be overly pessimistic here -- that would be hard in any discussion of US elections -- just a bit realistic.

This is dedicated to all you Fish, Gems, Saggies and Virgos out there, and to everyone else too, as we bid farewell to Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio (the thunder), and get ready for Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius (the lightning):

The wheel is turning
and you can't slow down
You can't let go
and you can't hold on
You can't go back
and you can't stand still
If the thunder don't get you
then the lightning will

Small wheel turn by the fire and rod
Big wheel turn by the grace of God
Every time that wheel turn round
bound to cover just a little more ground

-- Jerry Garcia - Robert Hunter

==From the Archives==

"Uranus is something of the guiding star of the United States, discovered as it was in 1781, just after the Revolution and eight years before the federal Constitution was ratified in 1789. Uranus was the first planet ever discovered; till that time, the only ones known were the traditional seven, for which one does not need a telescope

-- Eric Francis, Planet Waves Weekly, Sept. 3, 2004

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