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Tuesday, October 31 | The Aquarius Moon is making an assortment of aspects right now, including a square to Jupiter/Mercury in Scorpio, an opposition to Saturn and sextile to Pluto. That is a busy Moon in a busy sky.

Five of the big planets are in Scorpio, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. Scorpio is a sign that gets a major holiday dropped into the midst of it, one which magnificently summarizes the energy of our particular season as well as Christmas sums up Capricorn. All those kids running around dressed like ghosts are a testimony to the psychic veils being so thin, we have to chase away the spirits, or make sure they don't recognize us. However, we can also do the opposite and open our homes to the ancestors who have brought us into being.

For the holiday we have a whole compliment of planets in Scorpio, emphasizing the energy and keeping things interesting. Mercury is on course for a series of conjunctions but is pretty quiet at the moment. We are at the end of the Mercury storm, that is, the days of very slow movement of Mercury and things may be starting to feel manageable again after a fine dose of strangeness. But this is strangeness with a mission. The current sky is nothing if not deep, mystical and leading to someplace unusual, psychologically interesting and potentially quite erotic. Mercury highlights introspection, understanding the past, and communication -- in approximately that order.

Tuesday night is the night between the worlds. From sundown Tuesday to sunrise Wednesday, it is neither the new year or the old year. Anyone who has experienced this consciously knows how downright strange and beautiful it is. - eric francis

==From the Archives==

"October is also the month of Sahwen, the ancient Celtic ritual of harvest and death. All over the world, cultures are celebrating and remembering the dead in this season, that of Los Dias de los Muertos which peaks with Halloween and extends into November. The election is actually held on All Soul's Day. Halloween is the longest continually celebrated international holiday known to humanity. It's always fulfilling to participate in this worldwide ritual, to remember our ancestors, and touch feet to the Earth as visitors to our home planet."

-- Eric Francis, Planet Waves Weekly, Oct. 4, 2004

Dias de los Muertos │ by Jeanne Treadway

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