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Reader Comment | Oct. 25

Dear Eric,

Aaaah! Eek! What the hell is going on?

Oops, sorry, just a momentary reaction to all those planets going into Scorpio.

First, thanks. I so enjoy your prolific writings. Second, I wanted to respond to a comment you made about how shut down & in denial people seem to be about what's going on politically and socially in the U.S. I teach philosophy at my local university, and I've noticed the situation
getting worse over the past few years.

The students are becoming more apathetic, closed, mesmerized by cell phones and text messaging, less open to interaction, and most frightening, less open to themselves. My job is to awaken them to the knowledge that they are creative beings, marvelous, capable of manifestation beyond their limitations, and also to expose them to what's going on in this crazy country (I was born in South Africa -- no less crazy, but I have a strong nose for lies and abuse of power). Initially, I felt I had to shock them, expose them to the most blatant examples of social and political injustice. I had (and still have) them read things like John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

But the shock tactics didn't work. It's as though people can't stand hearing any more; as though, collectively, something in the American psyche has shut down because there's too much underlying pain, rage, etc. and most people can't look at the global manifestations of it, let alone their own personal manifestations. I think there's some deep karmic current in motion, that we are going to have to live through this denial until it's over -- or until enough of us have transformed -- and that what's needed is a reverse of tactics, a calling out of what is most deeply needed, deeply missing, deeply felt. Creativity, expression in art, inspiration, reminding people of what they have inside -- the ability to  connect with Spirit, with the earth, with each other.


Jess Posniak
(Gemini/Virgo/Scorpio '73)

Dear Jess:

My dad is a professor and he makes similar comments about his students lately, that they are in a kind of twilight zone. One of his jokes in class is, "I know you're not going to remember this because I said it five minutes ago." He teaches at Nassau Community College, which has a program where senior citizens can come to school for free and audit classes. They are about the only ones with a clue. So, when does the haze finally lift? Some people I know are concerned that good zombies will make good Nazis. This seems to be the subtext of much concern about the way society is going, that any concept of freedom on the level of ideas, feelings and curiosity is being extinguished. The new Nazi is a techno-droid for whom the world is not a real place and people are like those little plug-in cards for a Gameboy. The walls of the concentration camp are built out of fear.