Monthly Horoscope for February 2006


You may not know how you're going to navigate or even find the turning point you feel approaching, but I suggest you go entirely on intuition. From where you are now, you cannot get to the wrong place. Though there is an element of chance involved, that's the opening through which a rare kind of awareness will enter the equation of your life. Move slowly rather than quickly; look in all directions rather than straight ahead. Remember to look up and down. You are anticipating a turn to the left or the right, when really the curve develops in an entirely different direction. Likewise, if you find yourself expecting certain specific outcomes, you'll only get in the way of the wide diversity of possibilities that are making themselves available to you now. Just because you cannot see them, or even conceive of them, does not mean they're not there.


You've had many hints, clues and subtle visions for what you want to be doing with your professional life. I suspect you have some high visions and are allowing yourself a measure of authentic idealism. It is true that to exceed what were formerly your limits, you must really use your imagination. Up until this point, no idea has satisfied your main requirement for being tangible, practical and to a certain extent, sure to succeed. There are, at the moment, two competing sets of values operating, and in many respects they are entirely at odds. Of the two, the first set -- the idealistic -- is the one that you need to honor. Practicality and logistics will bend to the necessity of your most clear vision; you will find the resources once you admit your true objective. As John Lennon said, there is nothing you can do that can't be done.


Among the wide variety of psychic and emotional signals that are available to you at the moment, anger or frustration may be coming in the strongest. It seems you know something can be a certain way, and at the same time, there is a hidden factor that is blocking your progress. I suggest you be aware of this factor and also notice that it's standing in a blind spot. This psychic game has been going on for quite a while, yet your current feelings and responses are providing you with some evidence that something is really there. Let your experience now be a harmless provocation to make a certain decision that you've been holding off on for some time because the circumstances failed to align. They are in fact aligning right now, and to make use of them you need to keep your mind tuned to the more subtle levels of noticing.


There's no way to know for certain whether a developing financial arrangement will work out the way you anticipate, but you can take one step at a time and make your moves entirely on trust. The mystery is greater than you think, and the potential for exchange and for gain is greater than you think. There are new factors in an old equation that will focus and move energy despite the fact that little has seemed to work in the past. As for potential loss? This is always possible, but certain lessons you've learned in the past six months will be instructive in helping you maintain sufficient clarity to see the way things are developing and avoid all the more obvious errors, assuming you keep the counsel of the people you have come to trust for their feedback and clarity. Remind yourself often: you're not in this alone.


For once, your sense of what others are feeling and doing is more powerful than your sense of self. Remembering that what we all count on is the fact that you are so self-aware, this is a fairly large shift in your psychological climate. You have long been part of something; now it is part of you. This is a time when others may be enormously influential in your life, and at the same time, when you may not even notice the ways in which certain others are shaping you. Do you really need to be aware? It depends on your confidence level. It depends on how loving you know your environment to be. It depends on the circumstances, which may on the one hand press you to trust beyond your capacity -- or may gently guide you somewhere you never could have expected to arrive.


It may seem like one particular idea you're working with is meeting only obstacles and competing influences from what seem like more important responsibilities. Note, first, the existence of a belief that precisely this will happen once you start to open up to your deeper levels of creative power. It's a common situation that creative people face, particularly those with an overdeveloped sense of responsibility. This may seem frustrating until you recognize that the delay or snag is merely a testament to the power of your mind. Though it's not an absolute, to a great extent, what you deem to be true will apparently be that way. I suggest you put some genuine effort into determining what you believe, and deciding consciously what you want to believe. Despite the overwhelming level of activity in your life, you do have space to stop and consider these things. In fact, that's the missing ingredient.


It's true that even at the best of times, you're often hemmed in by the influences of others. Lately, your destiny seems to be under the control of recent developments or discoveries over which you have little influence. But history sets no limits, and you are the one who both interprets and controls the effects of the past on you today. You are the one who gets to decide what it all means, and you are the one who can decide to have new experiences -- nobody else can, nor will they ever. It would appear that you're making amends with some source of pain that influenced your past or shaped you as a child. As you view these things with compassion and see the viewpoints of all the people involved, you'll slowly free yourself from the emotional conditioning that seemed so overwhelming. And this is a much greater gift than you can imagine.


You're not generally afraid to feel, but I would say this is true within definite limits. Those limits are now being exceeded and with this, you may start to experience a sense of losing control. That's exactly the feeling to follow, because it's not what it seems and in truth represents an opportunity to break free from an idea you possess about what is safe, and another about what is real. These two personal definitions -- safe, and real -- are the ones to work with now, or to just let yourself go past. There is nothing holding you back; the illusion of safety is not safety and there is ultimately no rationalism that you can impose over what your emotions or your senses tell you must be so. Remember that you're surrounded by a protective energy that will lessen the effects of any mistakes and help insulate you from the kinds of pain you've become accustomed to in the past.


The world you have envisioned possible and the world you can actually see are aligning in a most peculiar way. It's certainly not what you expected, but then you don't necessarily have clear drawings or descriptions in your notebook -- not yet, anyway. What's developing may seem to exist in some abstract realm of your imagination. In one sense this is true, but what's different about now is precisely the manifestation power of your imagination. I suggest you work with words and images and continue the process of grounding these notions. You are, in actual fact, onto something. The first benefit will be creating a feedback system so you can more efficiently evolve what you are developing, while at the same time offering you evermore clear, tangible expressions that you can share with others. Sharing is essential -- sooner rather than later. You are currently the recipient of ideas that can help many.


From the small benefit will come the great; from the modest success, the impressive one; from your simple desire, your true wishes. You merely need to follow the direction that feels right and fulfilling. The subject or its 'importance' (to others) does not matter -- what matters is that you tangibly sense something that's correct and true for you, then work consciously with that feeling of appropriateness, and then take action. You may not be able to put into words what is true or meaningful at this point, but unless you're nurturing some serious denial -- which I doubt, but which under the current astrology is always possible -- you know just what it is. I am aware that you're not without your doubts, but don't stuff them under the surface. They contain vital information, which will come to you the moment you acknowledge their presence.


If you've ever been at a time in which there are no limits, the time is now. Rather than aspiring to the infinite, I suggest you reach for a new order of magnitude or level of effectiveness. The feeling is different than what you're accustomed to. The ideas you're working with will seem unfamiliar, or like they are coming through in a different language. Notice that. Notice, as well, when your level of awareness shifts to a space where there are fewer obstacles, less of the usual contention we see on Earth and where everyone seems 'on the level' -- to use an old phrase. This feeling of a level shift is what you're reaching for -- or what you may just notice has happened. This calls for a different approach to everything, which you'll need to apply consciously to the situations in your life -- and thankfully your habitual approaches are dissolving fast.


Because you have so much experience with uncertainty, and have in truth learned to thrive on it, you're in a position to take advantage of some truly unusual conditions that are taking shape at the moment. In actual fact, you know where you need to be, and what you need to do. At this point, all you need is to connect with the information. Trusting yourself and having the courage to make your decisions basically amount to the same thing. Spare yourself the fear that the universe is sending mixed messages; in truth it is sending different versions of the same message. There is a reason for this, and the reason is first that you need the encouragement and second that you need to work with both versions in order to have two different points of view. Both are guiding you in the direction of what has long seemed impossible and is now genuinely accessible -- perhaps even inevitable.

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