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Planet Waves for October 2005

by Eric Francis

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Aries (March 20-April 19)
What now unfolds is, in part, related to what others are going through and in part related to what you are experiencing. But in order not to take on what is not yours, you must remain some combination of discerning and nonjudgmental. Your primary commitment is being true to yourself, and remembering that allowing for change is one of the healthiest qualities any relationship can have. Then you will save yourself much unnecessary strife and energy. When you reassess the situation in a month, you're likely to see it through entirely different eyes, and be far more agreeable to the changes that someone close to you has been going through. What is more noteworthy is that your own process of inward seeking and questing for self-understanding will go on for considerably longer, and you'll be the one counting on the patience of someone close to you; so you would be wise to offer yours now.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
The silver lining to what may feel like an unmitigated upheaval is that you're now getting to balance out your priorities. It's only because your homing instincts are so strong that you're feeling this as something more tumultuous than it is. You have an equally potent affinity for change and for living fully in the state of being different than others. If the events now unfolding are demonstrating nothing else, it's that you are your own distinct individual, and one who can stand face to face with the world. You know that the roles or positions could just as easily be reversed. You can see some aspect of yourself in everyone -- even if someone close to you is having difficulty doing the same thing. Sooner or later, they will learn, and if one of you feels reluctant to let go of the past, perhaps focus on this quality of mutual acknowledgement.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
Miracles happen, though they often take a form different than we were expecting. Whatever shape or color the current divine gesture arrives in, I propose that you're safe trusting, and allowing the situation to unfold. Remember that you're not dealing with the kind of power imbalance that you've become accustomed to for so long. I cannot emphasize this point enough. In fact, you're subject to neither the whims nor the influences of others at the moment, and are free to follow a calling that is obviously bigger and more glorious than anyone around you currently recognizes. In order to be free, you actually need to act as if you are free. Otherwise, it's just another philosophical concept. The get real moment the world is experiencing arrives as particularly vivid for you, and what you may be experiencing as fear you certainly make up for in vision.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
I cannot imagine that a solar eclipse in the 4th house of home and security is a great feeling for one born under the sign Cancer, but if you're feeling stuck it may be just the medicine you need. What all of us need to remember now, particularly you, is that as brisk and unexpected as certain changes may feel, or as dramatic as the prospects may seem, protection surrounds and fills what is transpiring. You can take this message on many levels, but ultimately you will be convinced by the outcome. Therefore, spare yourself the worry and pay attention to how you feel and what you know must be done. Security comes in many forms, and the one that will suit you best at the moment is adaptability. This, you have available, and you also possess the rare human quality of initiative. So often, the world is waiting for you to take leadership, and such is true today.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23)
The journey up a mountain can be distinctly different at the top than it was along the way to getting there. Certain obstacles may appear, and it's important to think more carefully than ever about how to handle them. You have, however, the experience of the whole journey behind you. You've gained confidence in your own skill and leadership, which has been lacking at other times in your life. What you will now acquire is the talent for being able to reassess your goal while still keeping it firmly in mind. Perhaps your methods need to change; perhaps you will benefit from altering your timing; you may even decide that attaining one particular objective was not what you had in mind all along, but that something else is. In fact, what you're really seeking may be waiting for you way down in the valley, where you are just as free to seek your contentment.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
You're not the type to take huge risks, and we don't need astrology to know that. You do, however, have your impetuous side, which is a good thing. At this point, an authentic degree of daring, even going beyond what you've ever known, is called for. It's clear that the fortune you are seeking is neither cash nor credit, but rather a sense of inner completion. As such, the risk is likely to be seeing or experiencing yourself entirely outside the context of your relationships, and as authentically contained within yourself. In a world where everything is defined by its opposite, this is more daring than you may imagine. In a sense, you are challenging yourself to let go entirely of the petty games of give and take with which the world preoccupies itself. You are going to know what you look like without a mirror, and more to the point, you're going to be sure that you exist.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)
Once you accept the fact that there is no turning back, you will recognize how much you want to go forward. In truth, there is nothing more than an idea that stands between the past and the future, but it's a powerful idea that's not especially easy to let go of. You seem to have an investment in it, but what you may not recognize is that you've already got all you can from this particular way of thinking or living, which you can actually call your own. One particular relationship is providing a rather striking contrast to who and what you are, specifically in the way that someone close to you has chosen to use their power. In truth, this person has no power over you, and the strongest signal you can send, both to yourself and to them, is to live as if you're free, because you are.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
Even your fears have a silver lining, because they point you to what you do not want. I would say that your worst nightmare is to be trapped in a situation where someone refuses to negotiate. Most of your life, you've been able to locate your power in any scenario because you understand psychology, and because people are susceptible to it. But now it seems you've run out of logic where it comes to understanding a particular relationship, and there is no further you can go. You would benefit from asking yourself how you would respond under similar circumstances, faced with similar contradictions. The issue at hand is specifically powerlessness, a standoff where nobody can really make a move. But there is nowhere to go; nothing to do. Empathy will show you the way to peace and understanding, and offer you contrast between what we really can call the old way and the new.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22)
There are two approaches you can take to the situation, and I don't recommend the direct confrontation. That will underscore differences more than common ground, and there are plenty of common interests of which to take advantage. There is in fact quite a contrast available between what you might call "new paradigm" and "old paradigm" thinking, and it's rare that the choice has been so clearly visible. It may seem that everything you've been working toward all these months comes up in one enormous make-it-or-break-it moment, but I don't see the stars being so arbitrary. No matter what happens, you're going to make progress, particularly if you're open to the realization that when anyone succeeds, you succeed. That being said, I don't think the rewards for your considerable efforts will be symbolic; nor will they be limited to financial gain. The real treasure in this situation is a relationship or partnership of some kind.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)
You may be inclined to wonder whether you are gaining or losing influence through the current turn of events, and much depends on how you interpret the developments and your role in them. There's actually very little you need to do, but you will definitely need to make certain key decisions, and make them at just the right moment. One of the most crucial lessons of politics, which is most definitely involved in the game you're playing, is that one does not do anything alone; there are always people assisting both in front of the scenes and behind them. The best possible outcome for you will involve a significant meeting or arrangement between two people whose relationship to you seems to be indirect. But since you'll be a beneficiary of what develops, it would serve everyone for you to make sure as many situations as possible have positive outcomes. This will set the pattern for many months to come.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
You may be waking up to life being no joke, but I suggest you keep your sense of humor. The real challenge is not taking life seriously, but rather keeping your quest for adventure, and your willingness to take intellectual, creative and most important, amorous risks. This really is a case of nothing attempted, nothing gained, and the only thing that's likely to be holding you back is the fear that you can lose everything. That's entirely an illusion, which is based on another more or less equivalent fear: that of having nothing to gain. The point is, you're looking too directly at your limitations and could put a lot more energy into opening your heart and mind to the possibilities and rewards of being willing to live a little faster and looser. To keep your integrity, all you need to do is tell the truth, particularly to yourself.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
Your charts portend a marriage or engagement of sorts, but you would be wise to monitor the ways in which the past factors into the equation. This remains true whether it's a collective past between you and the person involved, or your own individual past and the many patterns that seem to follow you around. Consider carefully the extent to which you have lived in ways that subject you to the values of others. Consider the ways in which you have used your power, or failed to do so. While you may on one level be confronted with events beyond your control, the one thing you do have is the ability to choose, and this is no small miracle. You also have time to make up your mind, and don't need to think in terms of an ultimate decision except, primarily, for what you need to free yourself of. And that, more than anything, is an idea you have about yourself.

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