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Jungfrau 2a. Digital photo by Eric Francis.

Planet Waves for September 2005


Aries (March 20-April 19)
What's yours is yours, but we don't really have what we cannot share. Before long, that will become obvious enough, though what may be more difficult to accomplish is getting over the feeling that others have more to offer than you, thus, they should be offering it to you. The issue is not really a material question; rather, at its essence, it's one of loyalty. And at the heart of that is loyalty to yourself. I suggest you take a good look at everyone to whom you pledge your devotion, and those who give theirs to you. Can you see any patterns, or can you take any messages from these situations? Is there anything out of balance, for example, your taking for granted certain people to whom you could show much more appreciation? If so, this is an easy situation to remedy; appreciation is free, but both giving and receiving it are a truly precious gift.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
At the depths of your soul, you want someone or something. This is a quest that you're slowly realizing you need to take within yourself, to find both the source of the desire and also the source of fulfillment. We all contain that which is our opposite. That we may see it outside ourselves is a way of aiming for it within, so we know what we're looking for. This particular equation is playing itself out in terms of your masculine and feminine polarities, of which you're quite aware at the moment, and which have rarely seemed more intense or poignant. I have little doubt that this is focused on something outside yourself, which is fair enough on planet Earth. Just remember to let it point you back within, to the source of your consciousness. You don't need to keep this process secret; you just need to live it fully, admit to what is happening -- and don't stop till you reach the center of yourself.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
You seem to forget that pencils have erasers, and that what exists in the imagination is entirely mutable. Yet you live as if your dreams are fixed entities, solid as oak. In many respects, the same holds true for your fears, which is why they seem so rigid and established. And I would also propose that this is why all-or-nothing solutions seem so reasonable; after all, if something is entirely one way, then it follows that for a change, one would need to have it entirely another. But due to the approaching retrograde of Mars, I see another possibility opening; a space in yourself, like a secret cave with a hot fire burning down there, wherein anything is possible; where your dreams and imaginings are projected onto the wall for you to see vividly; and where subtle decisions about what you want and who you are quickly alter the images that appear before you.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
The next six or eight weeks arrive with a series of turning points and moments of truth regarding where you are, and how this relates to who you are. As usual, the crux of the issue of where you call home has something vital to do with your relationships, and maintaining a sense of balance within them. The truly surprising discovery may be that you don't have to do anything, or go anywhere, for certain long-overdue changes to occur. But then, Uranus in Pisces does offer a kind of worldwide lure to adventure, which you would be wise to allow a voice, and take for a long run in a big field. At its essence, the astrology of early autumn is a reminder to keep your ideas about life loose, not take the opinions of others too seriously, and to make your mark on the world where it matters most -- in your own heart and soul.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23)
Your recent transition into the Saturn in Leo phase was a little like going over the great barrier reef: momentary turbulence, a sense of going further from shore, and then the quality of the sea changed suddenly. But you're now pretty much accustomed to life in entirely new waters: deeper waters, with a greater sense of being on your own, responsible for your decisions, and confident that you can make actual changes in your life. A Leo is nothing without the ability to be in charge of something -- and in truth this must begin with your own life. Remember this if you're ever feeling insecure, or like the world is getting one over on you. You are in command; yes, divine guidance is with you, but you're the one calling the shots. This quality can follow you everywhere: relationships, work situations, and particularly living on that creative edge that clearly transcends both.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
It may seem a paradox that in times when you have the most, you have the most to risk and the most to lose. But it's not a paradox at all; change would be meaningless if it did not involve a form of exchange, and some degree of risk. Progress is not just a matter of accumulation. At a certain point, one must offer oneself entirely to the process, though it helps considerably if one has a sense of self to bring to the experience. At the moment you have that if you have nothing else, which is extremely unlikely. Your life right now is like a partnership with existence in which you arrive with a portion of the assets, and life brings the rest. But until you ante up, you're likely to be left with an idea of who you are rather than a tangible, physical sense of the real thing. And every encounter with anyone is an opportunity to do so.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)
As the month progresses, you may notice that there's an edgy vibe gathering in the air, with an eclipse of the Sun approaching in your sign (exact on Oct. 3). Eclipses are those mystical points of no return; they are like taking a ride in the cosmic jet stream. But you have every reason to feel secure thanks to protective energy that's following you around, and has been for a long time. Consider all that could have gone wrong, but did not. Consider all the times you had a negative expectation that somehow mysteriously turned to its opposite. Consider some of the strange decisions you've made that somehow turned out to have no negative effect. You would save yourself a lot of energy by focusing on the most positive kinds of developments, and envisioning your life for what you want to create. If you relax a little and stop clinging to yourself, I trust you'll find this an entirely pleasant process.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
An involvement seems to be deepening. If someone has found their way into your life, they are likely to be there a while. The encounter may seem like it has its roots in the past, perhaps years ago or as deep as prior incarnations. Whatever your belief system about these things, it's clear enough that past material will surface, and it will do so in a visible, obvious way that you can do something about. The trick, and it is a trick where human consciousness is concerned, is to remember what is yours to deal with. For sure, ask for help; say what you're going through; it's up to you to make certain this is a positive, constructive and loving encounter, but if you have any doubts, don't be afraid to ask the question.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22)
Forgive me if I'm sniffing down the wrong trail, but I keep picking up concerns about the loyalty of friends. I think your concerns, if they exist, are misplaced. It's just that the scale of your life is shifting rapidly, and it's natural to be attentive to matters involving boundaries and personal security. Here's what it looks like: certain people are about to become a lot more prominent in your life, and take on roles that you can't control, but which you really must trust. This is parallel to some kind of elevation of your own role in the world, plus some attention that's being called to the contribution you're making, and the extent to which this is too obvious for anyone to deny. Though they are not the "ultimate end," there are great rewards involved, and you need to accept them graciously and move on to even better things.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)
You are fast approaching your peak professional season of the year, indeed, for many years, and I have the feeling that you'll be collecting on a lot of promises and potential that may have been eluding you for quite a while. The key will be to guide, not to push. Guide yourself with a clear vision; keep your faith in yourself high, without raising your expectations too much. You just need to trust that the right thing will come to you, because it very likely will. There are certain elements of what's unfolding that are not exactly under your control. In a short time, the river of life begins to flow more quickly, and there are two or three key points of decision coming up. These are what you need to focus on. Not, for example, visibility, or convincing people you're something special. They already know that. Your job is to decide -- just when the moment is right.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
Despite any lingering doubts and uncertainties that seem to be emotionally rooted, you need to identify what it is you feel secure about, and work from there. One cannot really be guided by what one is unsure of; direction, at this point in your life, needs to be an inherently positive force. There's plenty that you actually know, but too often take for granted. It's as if all the most reassuring clues and information are lurking in the background, stenciled into the wallpaper or written on the sides of mountains. Take a look at the scenery, and you'll see. You'd also go a long way by making sure you're surrounded by people who themselves are confident and who have solid values. The coming few months of Mars retrograde will put both you and them through a series of tests of the bottom line -- and you'll be glad to have found out what it really is.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
The past three years have not been party time. Progress time; cleanup time; focus time; grow up time -- but not a champagne cruise. You've earned something for your efforts and your diligence, and from what I can see, September is the month that it arrives, or at least when you get a big delivery. It's a sign of developments to come, an indicator that there are rewards for a job well done and for effort consciously not squandered. The experiment involves your ability to receive, and to receive graciously. This is more difficult for you than you may be willing to admit, but you had better admit it so you can open up and let what you need come to you. Part of that is going to be taking a bigger slice of this life just for yourself, liberated from any corporate branding, prior exertions, or pre-existing commitments.

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